About the game

The Hotel Project is a story about Sarah, her grandfather, and his old hotel. It’s a game about family, dreams, adventures, challenges, and goals! Sarah had an amazing and happy childhood. She spent her summer holidays at her grandfather's hotel. She used to play a lot there with her grandfather and she has a lot of happy memories of that time. One day Sarah receives news that her grandfather is having serious issues with the hotel. She makes a life-changing decision, quits her job, and decides to use her knowledge and experience to help her grandfather run the hotel!

Main Characters


Sarah is very determined, diligent and cheerful person. Growing up she was really doing good in high school & college. She decided to choose business administration as her degree. She'd graduated with honors and was offered a job in one of the top companies. Sarah was really smart and hardworking but she had to deal with the crazy boss. When she finds out that her grandfather may lose the hotel, she decides to quit her job and help him with the hotel.


Steve is Sarah’s grandfather and the old hotel’s owner. He is an enthusiastic storyteller, a book lover and former traveller. He used to tell Sarah many stories about his adventures from various places when she was little. Steve and his wife have been in the most amazing places on our planet and have received an unforgettable experience & memories. After returning home, they decided to use their knowledge and open a small & cozy hotel for all the travellers like them. The hotel was doing really great but when Steve was left alone, he lost his motivation to run it. Thus, one day he was faced with the danger of losing his hotel.


Vincent is a greedy oligarch who bought а land next to Steve's hotel and is going to build а huge luxurious hotel there. He has a bad reputation and strives to take over the whole world. He is very envious and stingy person and will step over everyone to get his way.